“It’s Going Down” – Image Student Ministries

North Cities Students

It was apparent before Reflect service ever started that God was going to have His way. Imagine, ISM’s youth band, started warming up in the annex sanctuary, and their practice quickly turned into worship. Students started filing into the prayer room and the spiritual atmosphere continued to build until the sound reached a roar. Student Pastor Dyral Hargrove observed what was happening and commented, “It’s going down tonight!”

It did “go down” in a mighty way.  As service started, students worshiped, prayed and were ministered to by special guest Rev. Irvin Baxter.  The message was titled, “A God to Die For.” At the close of the service, Bro. Baxter invited everyone who wanted to receive the Holy Spirit to come to the front.  The altars filled with students, and by the end of the evening, four new students were filled with baptism of the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues!

Reflect “goes down” every Wednesday at 7:00 PM at North Cities’ Kingsbridge Annex.

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