Big Idea

Every life will experience moments when God seems a thousand miles away. Psalm 22 faithfully records the anguished cry of a suffering heart, as well as the prophetic assurance that God is present and that He hears our prayers, even in the moments when we feel so alone.

Application / Reflection

  • Have you experienced a time in your life when you felt like God was absent or not answering you? Looking back on that situation now, can you see evidence of God’s presence during that time?
  • How does Psalm 22 help you understand Christ’s suffering on the cross? How does reflecting on His suffering encourage you in your trials?
  • In Psalm 22, the psalmist responds to God’s salvation by praising the Lord among his own people, the whole earth, and even future generations. How are you celebrating what God has done for you?

By Steve Schobert

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