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Anchored Faith

When storms arrive, we cannot drift from our faith and succumb to worldly attractions. Drifting can be slow or unnoticeable, and the best solution for avoiding drifts is to stay anchored in the Lord. In his second letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul knows his time is at hand. He gives Timothy his last admonitions, […]

Pierced, but Not Poisoned

Paul was bitten by a venomous snake. A snake’s deadly venom can kill in an matter of hours — sometimes minutes, depending on the potency. There is a little-known fact: The best anti-venom vehicle for curing a deadly serpent bite is lamb’s blood. It is more effective than horse’s blood. Paul’s snake bite should have […]

The Hunger for Restoration

It takes more time and effort to restore an antique item than it does to originally make it. Compared to the amount of time and effort it took to create mankind, a tremendous amount of time and effort took place for Jesus to restore mankind into right relation with Him. Bishop Hargrove’s message exams Judah’s […]

Turning Points

You or someone you know may be at a turning point and not see what God is doing. Elisha’s young servant could not see what God was doing in crisis.  Yet God is never caught off guard. Thanks to the power of prayer,  the young servant began to understand: You are never outnumbered when God […]

The Life of a Promise

A promise never dies.  God keeps His promises.  Whether it lives or dies in us is determined by us.  If we view the promise based on what God can do, the promise lives.  However, if we view it from what we can do, the promise most certainly will die.  Joshua and Caleb understood the value […]

An Amazing God

God is great! The things we battle are small compared to Him. There are no limits on God. He is not limited by time, distance nor the laws of nature. Experience God’s amazingness as Bishop Hargrove illustrates how understanding His greatness can solidify our faith. By Bishop D. G. Hargrove Join us for Spirit-filled worship […]

Obstacles to Freedom

Faced with discouragement, confusion, and temptation to settle for less, the Children of Israel overcame bondage with Pharaoh in Egypt. They learned: the only thing which gives freedom, trust, safety, security, protection, joy, love and peace is a right relationship with God. Their faith was a fresh faith. Listen to Bishop Hargrove teach us how […]

A Golden Opportunity

A golden opportunity is one that is, if missed, is not likely to happen, again. God entrusts us with resources. What He entrusts us with is not ours. When we learn to manage what He gives us, He will give us more. God will give us a proper perspective about Him. However, an incorrect perspective […]

Prepared for a Storm

We all have storms in life. Sometimes we engage in storms of our own making due to disobedience. Other times, we suffer from storms not of our making but from the making of others. God wants us to be prepared for these storms. Bishop Hargrove gives us foundational truths on how to prepare for life’s […]