Entries by Vince Stegall

A Quest for Answers

Everyone feels the need to ask questions and to have questions answered in life. There will be some questions that will not be answered, but there are simple things that we all consider as does King David in this psalm. These thing is for certain: When we trust in people, we get only what people […]

Down, But Not Out

Bartimaeus’ blindness did not prevent him from spiritually seeing (knowing) Jesus was Messiah. He called Him, the “Son of David.” His spiritual insight surpassed his natural sight, demonstrating great faith. Jesus, sensing His courage and faithfulness, healed Him, and immediately, Bartimaeus became a follower of Jesus. He may have been down, but he was definitely […]

Are You Listening?

The Word becomes alive when we read and ingest it. It grabs us. It is more powerful than anything on the planet. The Word is an antidote to trouble. The Word is living and God is speaking to us. The question is: “Are we listening?” Bishop Hargrove walks us through areas that hinder us from […]

The Important

God knows our future because He planned it from the beginning. However, we have the choice to make other things important in our lives. Some people live for the weekend, money, fame, and power, to name a few. Sometimes people get caught up in chasing other stuff. Their priorities are messed up. Focusing on what […]


A man out of place and out of alignment with God is a confused man. He gets false information. He gets skewed ideas. He gets mixed up and even as Cain did, he has the capacity to murder. He is a dangerous person. A life of unrepentant sin is a dangerous life. When we align […]

A Pressing Pursuit

Most of us are busy with day-to-day activities. Daily activities can satisfy our appetites and interests. Those appetites for various activities can drive us. However, the most rewarding and astounding appetite we can have is a drive, a hunger, for Jesus. Following Jesus can be uncomfortable at times and we may be tempted to become […]

What’s So Amazing?

What is truly amazing in the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark is the panoramic view of the greatness of Christ. These ten verses demonstrate His power and authority to supersede any power, including any demonic powers, which defies any thing humanly imaginable. Bishop Hargrove tells us what we need to do to experience […]

Embracing Course Correction

Have you ever thought God was going to do something and it didn’t go the way you planned? Sometimes His blessing plan does not match what we expect. Our faith gets challenged, and we have a faith crisis. Thomas and the rest of the disciples were facing a faith crisis. They thought Jesus was going […]

The Gift of Uncertainty

Adam went to sleep single, and woke up married! Abraham went out not even knowing where he was going. Uncertainty can bring memorable moments or testing times. It can oftentimes be disturbing and unsettling, yet it is a gift from God. He holds the future. The Word of the Lord is an anchor in times […]