Entries by Vince Stegall

Life-Changing Decisions

Our lives are the sum total of all of the decisions we make each day. Some decisions are right and others are wrong. Decisions can be life-changing. Life-changing decisions are ones in which God talks to us about something He wants us to do. Has He ever called you to do something and you allowed […]

You Can Make the Difference

A lot of people are waiting for the right person or the right event to come along to help them make an impact. It takes effort, discipline, commitment, and self-responsibility to reach an achievement. Though we may not know the details, we must step out on faith and trust God the way Moses and the […]

The Power of Progression

Abraham left the life he had to go where God had in mind for him. Noah did the same. There comes a time when each of us either occasionally or regularly evaluates what has happened in the past and decides to move forward. Paul, though imprisoned, instead of being discouraged, regretful, or feeling paralyzed and […]

Moving at the Pace of God

God has a pace, a process, and a plan for each of us. Most of us have a proclivity to move too fast or too slow at God’s calling. Some move too fast and end up with Ishmael; others too slow, like Jonah. Understanding God’s timing requires knowing what the pace of God is. Patience […]

The Incarnation

Knowledge is greater than feelings. We don’t always feel like God is with us, but we know He is. Matthew’s passage tells us so, and the Word of God is the Knowledge of God. His Word is solid and describes the announcement to Joseph of Jesus’ coming, emphasizing God’s gift to us and that He […]

Notables of God’s Mission

God loves mankind more than we can ever fathom or understand. Luke tells of a great hope that comes to us when we remember and recognize the time of Jesus coming to the earth. Jesus came to free us, redeem us, and restore us to right relationship with Him. Bishop Hargrove shares notable reasons why […]

On Purpose

Life does not come with a set of instructions. The story of the Shunammite woman is an illustration about how to live life. Her journey is one of tremendous faith and is a picture of living life “on purpose.” Bishop Hargrove gives us practical biblical instructions through this woman’s life on how to live for […]

You Have to Start Somewhere

A building cannot be built overnight but the construction has start somewhere. A marriage cannot be built overnight but the relationship has start somewhere. Likewise, our relationship with the Lord has to start somewhere and it starts by knowing we need God and by repenting. Rev. Scott Sistrunk not only shows us what to do […]

A Quest for Answers

Everyone feels the need to ask questions and to have questions answered in life. There will be some questions that will not be answered, but there are simple things that we all consider as does King David in this psalm. These thing is for certain: When we trust in people, we get only what people […]