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If I knew NOW what I will know THEN…

Palm Sunday is a time of celebration and rejoicing. It is the prelude to the greatest event in history—a time when Jesus liberates those who obey Him. Sin is temporal and only lasts for a short season, and Heaven is eternal. An eternal life with Jesus wins hands down in comparison to a life of […]

The Church in Plain Sight

It’s easy to overlook things sometimes, especially when they’re right in front of our eyes. We can forget how valuable something is and take it for granted. We are a chosen people, set apart and chosen for God’s kingdom. We are the Church and the obviousness that we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost […]

The Value of One

Jesus tells three parables of the lost: The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and The Lost Son. Sheep have a tendency to wander off. They can drift away from the flock without even knowing it. The same thing can happen with people in their relationship with the Lord. Jesus does not tell why the sheep […]

Guiding Questions

Jesus used a number of techniques when teaching. In His Sermon on the Mount, He asked a number of questions to provoke thought. They were guiding questions. Bishop Hargrove examines three important questions Jesus asks about our faith, ourselves, and our prayers. He not only guides us to think about these questions, but also, gives […]

The Adventure

God is calling us to a pathway of excitement and commitment. The way is not always easy nor is it always exciting. It is a journey — the greatest of journeys. Our walk with the Lord is the greatest adventure of liberty, freedom, and hope. Bishop Hargrove illustrates how to have the adventure of a […]

Test or Opportunity

Classroom tests are typically artificial because true tests are the tests of life. The test in Luke 4 for Jesus was a test to demonstrate who He was. Likewise, our tests of life are to see what we are really made of and who we are. They help us examine ourselves and recognize our identity. […]

The Greatest Liberty

Jesus invites us to “Follow Him.” His invitation is not a call to change. It is a call to relationship, a transformative, life changing relationship, which brings about a new nature. Jesus’ invitation leads to a real life of liberty and not one of misery. A life of misery is a life of selfishness and […]

How God’s Anointing Works

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush because God had a plan and He wanted to use him. Likewise, today God has a plan and He wants to use each of us. His anointing is upon us because we have the same anointing Jesus had. Therefore, all of us must learn the voice of […]