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Prepared for a Storm

We all have storms in life. Sometimes we engage in storms of our own making due to disobedience. Other times, we suffer from storms not of our making but from the making of others. God wants us to be prepared for these storms. Bishop Hargrove gives us foundational truths on how to prepare for life’s […]

The Quest for Gain

The Fear of Loss One man stumbles upon a treasure; another, seeks it. Whether you stumble upon the Truth or search most of your life for it, the Kingdom of God is the most valuable treasure in the world. Some people do not know what the King of God is, much less how to find […]

You Can Get There From Here

God does not give up on us, and He did not give up on Jacob. He reached out to Jacob and showed him a gateway to heaven when he was going in the wrong direction. Similarly, when we are going against God’s will, or no matter what our messes, problems and circumstances are, the Lord […]

In the Process of Time

It is in the capsule of time that we see God’s plan for us because time is held in the hand of God. When we understand the process of time, we can fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. From Abraham to Jacob, Jacob to Joseph, Joseph to King David, and David to Paul, all had […]

The Overcomer

When God blesses us, the Devil cannot curse us as long as we stay in alignment with God’s will. Therefore, we must remain sensitive to God’s Spirit and hear what He is saying to us. The problem is not that God is not speaking to us, but that we may not be listening.  We must […]

It Starts With A Question

The first questioned asked in the Bible was asked by the serpent; the second, by God. Unlike the serpent’s question, God asked: “Where are you?” That was the right question. The serpent asked the wrong question. Like the serpent, most of the time, we ask the wrong questions about life. However, God always asks the […]

The Paradox Of Pain

People hate pain. However, some of life’s best lessons are borne out of pain because life has pain and hurt. In fact, Jesus said in John 16:33, “you will have tribulation.” Let’s not forget the Apostle Paul, a great man of God, endured much pain because he was living for Christ. What do we do […]

Great Discoveries

Sometimes scriptures become so familiar to us that we “sweep over” their meanings as we study them.  However, the Word of God is alive!  His Word has the ability to bring us fresh life every time we read It.   Therefore, we are alive in the Word of God. Bishop Hargrove looks at the fresh […]

Is it Too Good to Be True?

Outlandish claims by telemarketers and other advertisers inundate our emails, iPads, notebooks, and various electronic devices.  Likewise, some may say the Bible makes “very strong” claims and those people may even imply that the God’s Words are too good to be true.  In this passage, Jesus makes some remarkable claims:  He tell us not to […]