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9 Keys to Growth 2

In 1997, Bishop Hargrove asked God to help him to grow. God answered his prayer by giving him a vision in which He received “9 Keys to Growth.” For two years, Bishop Hargrove applied each key to his life and as he grew, the church grew. He taught them to the church in 1999. About […]

9 Keys to Growth

Life can be tough sometimes. Most of life is about the decisions we make and how we navigate ourselves. It comes down to us as individuals because God gives us freedom of choice. Serving God and loving Him is easy and that makes life less tough. Therefore, one of our constant prayers should be, “God […]


We are living in an all-consuming world, which can take every shred of our attention. Inadvertently, we can become easily detached from our blessings, families, church, and even God. This “detachment syndrome” leads to backsliding. When we think of backsliding we tend to think of those who leave the church, stop attending, or fall back […]

Zephaniah’s Message

God’s creation is His masterpiece and He made it for us. He loves us and wants us to be in right relationship with Him. Because of sin, to be in right relationship with Him requires a transformation. Transformation often begins with demolition. Usually, it is not just a simple makeover, but a totally new design. […]

Course Challenges

Mark 4:35-41 begins with Jesus delivering his message to the people from a ship and then taking a short trip across the Sea of Galilee. What was to be a short trip turned into a challenging storm from out of nowhere. The good thing about it was: Jesus was on board! Life is a journey. […]