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God’s Plan for Broken Man

God has a plan for broken people. As our Redeemer, He came into this world reconciling Himself to all mankind. The Lord has given us the pathway to come to Him through the Cross. This passage in Isaiah is a prophecy of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, Himself. Isaiah gives us a message of hope […]

The Places Where We Are Sent

Our work is missional. Each of us are called to be missionaries. The Apostle Peter urges us to let the lust of the flesh leave us, so that we can love our neighbor. In fact, Jesus did not send us to fix people. He sent us to love them. People are not going to know […]

When God Is Pleased with You

God is giving us a pattern of what living a life with Him is going to look like. He walks us through struggles and trials.  One moment, we see Jesus in triumph; the next, in trial. He was in presence of God one minute and with Satan, the next.  Similarly, in our own lives we […]

Only Believe

When Jairus sought healing for his daughter, Jesus said, “Only believe.”  Today we have many needs and whatever the crisis, Jesus gravitates towards our needs.   Jesus knows our end from the beginning.  He knows everything we have been through.  There is power in faith, and God helps us to keep the ability to “only […]

A Song for the Journey

Everything we have need of is in God. When we make Him our God, we surrender everything to Him. Making Jesus our God is the greatest liberty in life. By putting away all other gods, real freedom is found in our relationships with Jesus Christ. The song of Moses in Exodus 15 illustrates the importance […]

Challenges for the Church

Over time we have witnessed the same challenges in the church that the 1st century church witnessed. Churches in the 1st century did not operate under a single-pastor model yet many present-day churches do. They had elders, bishops, and operated in the five-fold ministry. Each of the New Testament epistles addressed various church problems. James […]

The World’s Greatest Event (MISSED)

As we learned last week, The Incarnation was the greatest event that has ever taken place. As great as the event was, many missed it and some miss it today. The innkeeper missed it. Jesus’s hometown missed it. Today Christmas has become so commercialized that we can easily fall into the trap of missing the […]