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Our vision is to connect people to God through worship, to others through fellowship, and to purpose through training. We are hosting several events this week. Click here for a complete listing of this month’s activities.

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Expansion Project

We have been blessed over the years to enjoy steady growth by seeing people born again. With that growth comes the need for additional space to effectively conduct ministry. Learn more about the Expansion Project.

We believe in the power of prayer! Over and over, we have witnessed lives transformed through God’s miraculous intervention. Share your request and we will join with you in prayer.


North Cities is an exciting, growing church that serves the North Cities region of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With multiple services conducted weekly in several languages, North Cities is home to a diverse group of believers who are answering the call to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to connect people to God through worship, to others through fellowship, and to purpose through training. We’re thrilled that you’ve found our home on the web. At this site, you’ll find helpful information about our church and ministries, as well as news of upcoming events and various online resources. Of course, the best way to learn about North Cities is to experience a worship service first-hand. We invite you to worship with us soon!

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