Big Idea

Jesus prayed that His followers would be one people. Through fellowship, the church removes barriers, provides mutual care, and witnesses to the possibility of a reconciling and inclusive people.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Reflect on ways the Lord is calling you to a deeper relationship with brothers and sisters. Consider gifts you need to give as well as receive from others in the church. Think about ways deep relationships equip you and your friends to be a critical witness in the contemporary world.
  • Pray: Identify barriers and divisions you have encountered in the church. Pray for grace and wisdom to remove those barriers and heal the divisions. Intercede for the Spirit to guide and empower fellowship in a way that produces unity for the purpose of witnessing.
  • Share: Discuss ways the Spirit is calling you to give a higher priority to fellowship in your life. Why is the Lord calling you? What does this look like and how is it different from simply entertaining others for an enjoyable evening? What barriers need to be overcome? What steps can you take to go beyond the barriers (i.e., privacy, time, habits, and individualism) to live as fellowship disciples?

By Dyral Hargrove

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