Big Idea

Trials will come to all believers. Wisdom allows disciples to rejoice in suffering, assured that perseverance will result in greater maturity. James assumed all saints would need to ask for wisdom so that they could grow through trials rather than experiencing the instability of attempting to walk in faith and unbelief at the same time.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Think about the last trial you faced. What wisdom did you apply to navigate through the challenging situation? How did perseverance bring you to a more mature place in Christ? Next, think about a current trial you face. Define the trial as best as you can. What happens as you consider the opportunity to joyfully apply the wisdom from above to persevere and mature in this trial?
  • Pray: Pray for wisdom to face a trial boldly and joyfully. As you pray, allow God to shift your perspective from escaping the difficulty to becoming more mature through the process of perseverance. Pray for protection from evil. Humbly surrender your own prerogatives to God’s purposes in your life.
  • Share: Discuss with others the trials you currently face. Why does joy in the trial sound so strange in the current situation? What maturing potential can you see in the trial? If you cannot see the maturing opportunity, how do you joyfully anticipate becoming more like Christ? How can you help each other in prayer, examining current responses to the trial, and applying wisdom in an effort to prevent double-mindedness?

By Vince Stegall

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