Big Idea

Wisdom from above calls for change in a challenging world. Rather than looking for that change in others, disciples apply wisdom in their own lives. By listening to and applying wisdom’s liberating words, disciples activate behaviors that make a difference in the world around them.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Reflect on the voices that have the most influence in your life when you face challenging situations. How does your family of origin, the popular culture, or unmet expectations have the “ear” of your heart? What are some unrestrained aspects of the world’s culture or angry wickedness that need to be removed? How can you replace those tendencies with the Wisdom from Above?
  • Pray: Pray for the strength to listen to Wisdom from Above in the challenging situations of your life. Repent of times when you have spoken your mind before acting in accordance with Wisdom’s guidance. Ask for wisdom to make right personal choices.
  • Share: Discuss examples of marginalized and defenseless people in today’s world. How can the church serve them along with widows and the fatherless? How can we hear the wisdom of true religion when it comes to those with limited personal power, such as undocumented workers, the disabled, or those suffering from mental illness?

By John Hargrove

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