Big Idea

Wisdom from above reinforces the Lord’s call to walk by faith and not by sight. Faith liberates disciples from judging others since God alone is the Creator and Judge. Faith also liberates disciples from feeling the pressure to plan all their tomorrows alone, realizing that each day is a gift to be received from the gracious hand of a sovereign God.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Life without faith is typically marked by arrogance or anxiety. Think about your plans for this season of life. Where does faith play a role? Where is it missing? Explore places of anxiety or arrogance in your plans. Think about ways your plans provide space to do good for others.
  • Pray: Pray for wisdom from above to confront the temptation to judge others or to plan without considering God’s purposes. Pray for better understanding of the Royal Law and for the courage to walk by faith in these areas. Pray for blessings in the life of someone you may have judged in the past. Pray for God’s direction for a project you are planning and the awareness of how it may be an opportunity to serve others for God’s redemptive purposes.
  • Share: Discuss ways you can make plans for tomorrow in a way that faithfully seeks God’s purposes. How can your plans demonstrate a reliance on God? How can you include doing good for others in your planning? Consider ways that faith helps you to release control into God’s gracious hand.

By Derrick Weeks

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