The Art of Marriage 2017

Strengthening Marriages

Mary and her husband Jim have been married for more than 30 years. Though they are seasoned veterans when it comes to sustaining their relationship, they admittedly have to be intentional about continually cultivating their friendship and marriage.

As with all marriages, carving out the time to focus on becoming the best spouse and friend they can possibly be is rarely easy. However, they have found 10 things for marriages that can help implement making time for each other.

  1. Cultivate a common interest.
  2. Have a regular date night.
  3. Try new adventures together.
  4. Write love letters to one another and read them over a romantic dinner.
  5. Go on overnight getaways—without the kids.
  6. Set aside regular time to talk with one another—without any distractions.

Click here to read Mary’s full article on FamilyLife’s website.

Another great way to enhance your relationship is to come together in community with other couples at North Cities and talk about marriage.

Marriage, the way God intended it to be, is a true art form. That’s why for more than 40 years, FamilyLife has been helping couples understand God’s plan for relationships. The Art of Marriage weaves together expert teaching, real-life stories, humorous vignettes, and more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design.

The Art of Marriage begins on March 2 at North Cities Garland and on March 3 The Noll’s home in Allen, TX. Both locations start at 7:00 PM. Space is limited to only six couples per location. Registration is required at our Art of Marriage page – click here.

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