Big Idea

Worship changes us. True worshippers leave differently than when they came. Worshippers face their fears, ask critical questions, and turn to the Lord as their keeper. The Lord preserves and protects them in all their journeys.

Application / Reflection

  • What are some ways that worship continues to influence you after you leave a corporate service?
  • The Psalmist saw dangers in the hills around him on the way home from the Jerusalem festivals. What dangers lurk in the “hills” around you when you leave times of worship with your brothers and sisters? How does the Lord keep you from them?
  • The Psalms of Ascent related to the three Jerusalem festivals. These festivals included many forms of worship. What are some of the forms of worship you experience in a corporate service? How do they impact your life in the days after the service?

By Kirsten Stigleman

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