Big Idea

Every day is “April Fool’s Day” for those who live like there is no God. Rejecting reverence for God results in a life without true meaning, direction, purpose, or a moral compass. Though many individuals in the world live without God consciousness, the Lord still provides a refuge and will restore His people.

Application / Reflection

  • What are some ways that “foolish” God-deniers have fallen prey to meaningless or directionless living in our contemporary world?
  • Think back over the last year or two as a disciple. Were there moments where you functioned as if God did not exist or was not engaged in your life? How could worship change these occasions of foolishness?
  • Re-read Psalm 14:7. What kingdom prayer comes to mind as you consider the ways God sends His missionary people to serve in a “foolish” world? Share your prayer request with another worshipper this week.

By D. G. Hargrove

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