Big Idea

Believers will all face serious faith challenges. In those moments, worship reminds us that God is good and all powerful. By honestly defining the challenge, examining heart flaws, and encountering God’s holiness, our confidence in God is restored and we can witness God’s goodness to others.

Application / Reflection

  • Studying, singing, and praying the Psalms help us redefine our problems. Describe how the psalmist found a way to redefine his spiritual struggle by attending the Sanctuary.
  • As New Testament believers, we are the temple of God. How does life in the Spirit make worship a daily opportunity to reorient our perspectives? How does joining brothers and sisters in worship reorder our lives?
  • Worship helped to reveal the real problem the psalmist faced: envy. What are some other heart problems that can only be transformed through worship? How can worship address a heart challenge you may be encountering in this season of your life?

By John Hamilton

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