In and through Jesus Christ, we have received every blessing God intended from the beginning. His story has become our story. His victory is our victory.

Pastor Steve Schobert calls us to remember that we have every blessing needed in Christ.

In the face of suffering, one might expect the Apostle Paul to pray for relief and the cessation of suffering. Surprisingly, his prayers revolve around the church attaining a profound revelation of hope, glory, and power.

Pastor Steve Schobert prayerfully encourages us to acquire a greater revelation of our hope, glory, and power.

Death once held dominion over all of humanity, casting a pervasive shadow. We were, in essence, akin to the living dead, driven by sinister forces. However, propelled by His boundless love, God enacted our redemption through Jesus Christ, liberating us from death’s clutches.

With eloquence, Pastor Steve Schobert serves as a poignant reminder of the triumphant achievements of Jesus, bestowing upon us the precious gift of unfettered freedom.