Psalm 91

Worshippers confess their total dependence on God as their refuge and strength. By worshipping with other believers, we can hear testimonies of God’s trustworthiness from each other’s experiences. The greatest reward for worshippers comes when the Lord personally promises deliverance, honor, satisfaction, and salvation.

Speaker: John Hargrove

Psalm 73

Believers will all face serious faith challenges. In those moments, worship reminds us that God is good and all powerful. By honestly defining the challenge, examining heart flaws, and encountering God’s holiness, our confidence in God is restored and we can witness God’s goodness to others.

Speaker: John Hamilton

Psalm 121

Worship changes us. True worshippers leave differently than when they came. Worshippers face their fears, ask critical questions, and turn to the Lord as their keeper. The Lord preserves and protects them in all their journeys.

Speaker: Kirsten Stigleman

Psalm 14

Every day is “April Fool’s Day” for those who live like there is no God. Rejecting reverence for God results in a life without true meaning, direction, purpose, or a moral compass. Though many individuals in the world live without God consciousness, the Lord still provides a refuge and will restore His people.

Speaker: D. G. Hargrove

Psalm 22

Every life will experience moments when God seems a thousand miles away. Psalm 22 faithfully records the anguished cry of a suffering heart, as well as the prophetic assurance that God is present and that He hears our prayers, even in the moments when we feel so alone.

Speaker: Steve Schobert

Psalm 23

Life is full of uncertainty, difficulty and danger. Regardless of the challenges they may face, believers can rest and trust in the Lord. Like a good shepherd, He faithfully protects and provides for His own.

Speaker: Dyral Hargrove

Psalm 24

Worshipping the King of Glory involves recognizing His rights as the creator of all things. True worship places requirements on those who draw near and opens the doors of life for the triumphal and majestic entrance of the King.

Speaker: Katelyn Farris

Psalm 92

Worship is an invitation to give thanks to God for all that He has done. We approach Him with hearts grateful for His gracious and faithful ways, rather than out of our needs or experiences. The Lord grants strength and blessing to His people, bringing further glory to His name.

Speaker: Gary Smith