The Kingdom – Lesson 5

Big Idea

Jesus shows more ways where Kingdom righteousness goes deeper than rule-keeping. A heart that is reconciled to God tells the truth and loves without limit. In doing so, we reflect the gracious, truthful love of God Himself, to a world that needs it so desperately.

Application / Reflection

1) Our instinct is to selfishly protect and please ourselves. What might it mean to instead reflect God’s generous love for others, even when we are threatened, angry or frustrated?

2) Think about a time when God gave you the grace to love an unlovable person. How was that a sign that the kingdom has already come?

3) Is there a group of people that might be considered enemies? How can you respond to them in a way that reveals your status as a child of your Father in heaven? How might you pray for God’s Kingdom to come into this situation?

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