The Kingdom – Lesson 6

Big Idea

Kingdom righteousness goes deeper and farther than rule-keeping, extending to all areas of life. As citizens of the Kingdom, disciples bring all their time, activities, relationships, thoughts, and emotions under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Spiritual practices are a way to live out what grace has already created them to be. Purity of heart and singleness of eye represent both the goal and the means whereby the Kingdom comes to all areas of life.

Application / Reflection

1) What resources has God given you to bless others? In what ways can you give to others as an expression of your devotion to the King and His Kingdom?

2) How can your prayer life grow to be more in line with a Kingdom worldview?

3) What is God doing in other areas of your life in order to purify motives and reconcile that part of your life to Himself?

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