The Kingdom – Lesson 3

Big Idea

Jesus lived as the faithful covenant partner that fulfilled the Law’s design for Israel. Because of His righteousness, access to the Kingdom is now open for all who enter through Him. The Kingdom of God is thus established on grace and faith, rather than on a system of merits.

Application / Reflection

1) It’s tempting to imagine that Jesus came to do away with the Law and the Prophets, as if they somehow failed. How do we see God’s grace on display through the Hebrew Scriptures?

2) The Scribes and Pharisees put their faith in their interpretation and rigorous observance of the Law. How can our righteousness exceed theirs?

3) By fulfilling the righteousness of the law, Jesus opened up the Kingdom to all that placed their faith in Him. Grace and faith opened up the Kingdom to us. How can we extend Jesus’ invitation to others who may appear beyond the reach of His grace?

4) How can we celebrate the rule of the King and the dethroning of anything else that might try to take His place?

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