Big Idea

Joyfully living as God’s people requires an awareness of the Gospel’s great reversals. Impoverished disciples are richly exalted. The temptations of daily life provide disciples with an opportunity to replace wrong desires with delight in God’s abundant gifts.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Celebrate your identity in Christ by boasting in the Lord and all His goodness. Identify the value in your life that comes from the One who called you and the way He has gifted you to be on His mission.
  • Pray: Confess times when you have devalued your life. What false measurements of value (such as money, reputation, or achievements) do you need to put away from your life? Pray for the wisdom and grace to see your life as filled with many gifts and as a “first fruit” to be replicated in the lives of others.
  • Share: Discuss the ways temptations come from your own desires. What desires in your life can serve as lures or fishhooks to drag you down? What can you do to disrupt the cycle of desire, conception, sin, and death? How do temptations present a way to mature and be approved of the Lord? What does this crown of life look like? What godly desires will you choose to feed?

By John Hamilton

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