Big Idea

Pastor James told his readers that they would need “wisdom from above” in order to live as servants of Jesus Christ. The world around them followed a wisdom from below—one that was ordered against God and His ways. Contemporary disciples must also identify and abandon earthly and demonic wisdom as they live out the wisdom from above in their daily lives.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Wisdom from below is concerned with self-promotion, personal image, and branding. Think about ways that this has divided society and brought about suffering. Where do you see earthly wisdom in your own life? How could you apply the wisdom from above in these areas?
  • Pray: Begin with repentance to dethrone any pride, envy, or divisiveness in your spirit, acknowledging that these things come from a wisdom that is opposed to God’s ways. Pray for purity and peace in your heart and your relationships. Pray that wisdom’s works would be seen in all areas of your life, so that others might also experience the wisdom from above.
  • Share: Discuss ways that earthly wisdom is evident in our culture. How does society propagate these values? How can the church confront these values and perpetuate the wisdom from above? How can pure and peaceable wisdom triumph in world of hatred and hostility?

By Steve Schobert

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