Big Idea

Pastor James observed a tendency to separate faith from Kingdom service on behalf of others. Disciples will lay aside empty, sentimental blessings for a life of faith that produces works. Regardless of their station in life or history, faith-filled disciples can model transformed lives through their actions.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Think back over the past three months. What barriers did you face in living out your faith? How is faith calling you to address those barriers? What steps can you take in the next two weeks to see your faith lived out in service to others? As you answer these questions, consider the examples of both biblical and contemporary believers. How can their example help you in the process?
  • Pray: Pray for faith to be more active in your life. Pray for the wisdom to see opportunities for service in the places where the Lord has sent you. Celebrate the gifts you have received and consider how you may share them with others. Pray for direction as you commit to walk by faith and lovingly care for others.
  • Share: The life of faith often requires serving with others to meet needs that cannot be met alone. Discuss what can be learned about God, self, and others as you serve together. How does your faith grow as you serve alongside others? How do others help sustain the work of care beyond a onetime intervention? How do you care for one another when needs outstretch any individual’s abilities or resources?

By Greg Peters

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