Opening Lives for Transformation

Big Idea

The church has the wonderful opportunity to participate in holy hospitality, reflecting God’s radical welcome into the world. Following Christ will naturally transform God’s people to be an inviting and befriending people (Matt 25:31-46).

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Reflect on how the church’s call to hospitality differs from the concept of hospitality in American culture. How can we show hospitality to brothers and sisters in the church? How do we receive hospitality from others? How can you practice hospitality to strangers in your world? What obstacles will you need to overcome by the help of the Spirit and brothers and sisters?
  • Pray: Begin with thanksgiving for God’s hospitality that you have experienced. Ask for spiritual insight into areas where you could show more hospitality to your church family as well as to strangers. As the Spirit reveals hospitality gifts to share, carefully attend to your emotional response. Pray for healing of fears, anxieties, and other discomforts that build walls and keep others out. Commit to living like Christ through hospitality.
  • Share: Discuss how participation in church life can help us learn to be more hospitable. What needs to change in our thinking, emotions, and actions? Share ideas and experiences folks have had that can help identify people in need of hospitality and ways to open our lives to share godly love.

By Jeff Emery

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