Knights of the Kingdom

Vacation Bible School 2014

This Summer, the children of North Cities came together for a time of fellowship, fun, learning and connecting during our annual Vacation Bible School. The theme for the week was “Knights of the Kingdom.”  Children ages 4-11 learned about being a soldier in God’s army, wearing the armor He gives us, and being equipped to carry out the purpose of His Kingdom.

An average of 75 kids were in attendance each night. The sessions started with an opening action song, and then the children split into groups to rotate through five different classes. There were outdoor games where they could run, play, get wet and have fun. Then, they showed-off their artistic skills by making crafts that pertained to the nightly theme. Next, the children participated in a purpose class where they heard from different ministry leaders and discovered how God can use a willing vessel. In the Bible class, they were taught a nightly lesson of Biblical truths in a kid-friendly environment. The snack class gave them a chance to rest and refuel before meeting again as a whole group for the closing service each night.

At the end of every night, the children received ministry through drama, action songs, and life-sized puppets. Each evening came to an end with a short time of teaching the Word of God and the kids responding in faith. God’s Spirit ministered to everyone in a special way. No doubt, this week made a lasting impact on the lives of many!

It was truly a tremendous week for the children of North Cities and the surrounding community. We give thanks to God for what He has done and for every volunteer who gave of their time, energy and  resources to see this ministry succeed!

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