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One of life’s most important discoveries is finding your God-ordained purpose. Purpose propels you to attempt things you would never do otherwise. It’s Time to Find Your Purpose!

This article was featured in Purpose Institute’s annual magazine, On Target. Used by permission. Click here to learn more about what Purpose Institute has to offer.

Understanding your purpose is especially important if you are striving to fulfill your calling and ministry in the Kingdom of God. There is nothing more rewarding in life than to know God has called and anointed you to achieve a specific purpose or mission. To effectively achieve that purpose, however, requires more than head knowledge or desire. It is not enough to just believe you have been called. You must realize that with that calling comes a mandate from God to fulfill it. No one understood this truth more than Paul the apostle. From a prison cell in Rome, he wrote to Philemon and named several key people associated with the church in his house. Unlike the others who he referred to simply as a “fellow labourer” (Philemon and Appia who was probably Philemon’s wife), he specifically greeted Archippus, but described him as a “fellow soldier.”

“And to our beloved Apphia, and Archippus our fellow soldier, and to the church in thy house:” (Philemon 1:2)

There is no way to know for sure why Paul distinguished Archippus as he did in this way. I personally believe it was directly related to the level of ministry and purpose Archippus was called to that Paul was aware of. Paul also sent a message to Archippus in his letter to the Colossian church. This time, however, he gave a very direct message reminding him to fulfill the ministry that he was given from the Lord.

“And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it.” (Colossians, 4:17)

When a very special word from God is experienced, and divine purpose is realized, there will most often come with it a dichotomy of emotions. On one hand there is a strong sense of urgency to act and do what you know God has called you to do. On the other hand, there is often an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness. Both emotions are very real and must be dealt with. There is no reason to allow the latter emotion to hinder or limit God’s purpose and calling. Instead, it should serve as a launching point for preparation. The path to preparation is not always the same for everyone.

Preparing for your Purpose

The need for preparation is the same, however, and must not be compromised. If God has called you, HE will also enable and equip you to fulfill your purpose. Much like Archippus, God totally expects us to fulfill the ministry and the mission He has called us to. No one knows exactly what his or her mission and purpose will be in detail when the assignment from God is first received. It will always appear impossible. Why is that? Because on our own, it is impossible. Every God-ordained purpose will require the miraculous to bring it to pass. What we do know is, just as God expected Archippus to fulfill his purpose, He also expects us to fulfill ours. A true God-ordained vision that reveals God’s purpose for your life will always be bigger than your ability to achieve it alone. Don’t be shocked! When purpose is revealed, your faith will be challenged to its limits! That doesn’t remove the fact that each of us have a purpose and ministry that God expects us to fulfill.

Understanding your Purpose

With purpose, there must also be understanding. If you do not understand your purpose it is very unlikely that you will ever have the endurance and perseverance to follow through until the end. In the Kingdom of God, people rarely (if ever) do something with passion, without first understanding the purpose and how it relates to God’s eternal plan. Apathy and complacency are the byproduct of a lack of proper understanding with regards to purpose. Show me anyone that doesn’t understand their purpose for life and ministry, and I’ll show you someone who is apathetic and will not strive to do anything with excellence. Do you know where you fit in God’s eternal plan? Do you know what has God called you to fulfill and why? Most often, those who truly know and understand their purpose make lifelong learning a priority. This is because in the kingdom of God divine purpose is the reason for everything we do or strive to become.

By. Bishop F. Joe Ellis, President/C.E.O of Purpose Institute

This article was featured in Purpose Institute’s annual magazine, On Target. Used by permission. Click here to learn more about what Purpose Institute has to offer.

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