Your Will Controls Your Kingdom Experience

The Kingdom is right here, right now. In fact, the Kingdom is within you. Your will controls your Kingdom experience.

By Dr. Robert Costa

Text: Mark 1:14-15

The Kingdom of God is discussed more times in the New Testament than anything else, specifically by Jesus in His teachings. He would repeatedly say, “the Kingdom is like . . .” In fact, He spoke about the Kingdom more than He spoke about salvation or even being born again.

Perhaps we have looked at Jesus’ teachings in a skewed way — He saw salvation as a stepping stone to getting into The Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is the main and central teaching of Jesus.

Jesus said, “I must preach the Kingdom of God (Luke 4:43).” And in His first sermon, He said, “the time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand: Repent and believe the gospel (Mark 1:14-15).” You must change your thinking or you cannot embrace all that God has for you.

Some of us are waiting to get to heaven to experience the things of God. We don’t have to wait because, “the Kingdom is at hand.” Likewise, John preached, “repent for the Kingdom is at hand (Matthew 3:2). The Kingdom is right here, right now. In fact, the Kingdom is within you. Jesus also demonstrates the Kingdom in Matthew 9:35, when He went throughout the villages, teaching and preaching the gospel and healing the sick.

We are to receive Kingdom benefits while here on earth, but if we don’t, it is likely because we are working too hard to be earthly rather than to be heavenly. We must live in the earth but not be earthly.

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