You Are Not Imagining Things

By Pastor Eric Foster

Have you ever said, “As soon as I found God and started going to church, things got crazy in my life?”  Things probably did get crazy because there will be some spiritual opposition when you make a commitment to Jesus and to spiritual growth.  Why?

Answer:  Satan disdains Jesus and those associated with Him.  Spiritual maturity is a threat to Satan and his Kingdom.

Two antichrist types are Pharaoh and Herod (Exodus 1:7-9, 12 and 22; Matthew 2:13-16).  Neither ruler wanted to be opposed and felt threatened.  Therefore, we will be attacked by Satan because we are a threat to him.

Satan’s First Trick

He will convince you, you already know enough. Continue to learn and grow spiritually.  Do not stop looking for opportunities to learn about the Lord. 

Satan’s Second Trick

He will try to make you feel offended.

Do not let offenses keep you from fulfilling God’s will for your lives.  While it is not easy to forgive, it is easy to do “in Christ” when we think about what He did for us.  If we want to fulfill God’s will, we must get over our offenses — the sooner, the better.

The moment we became “in Christ,” we relinquished our rights to be revengeful and selfish.  We must assume the position of humility.  We must deny ourselves.

Satan’s Third Trick

He will constantly tell you, “You are nobody.”

Satan does this to prevent you from realizing who you are.  We don’t have trouble realizing who God is.  We have trouble knowing who we are.  We are the children of the Most High God.  We are a peculiar people.  There is nothing we have not done that the blood of Jesus cannot cover.

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Pastor Foster resides in Canton, Ohio with his wife Lamonica and their three children lead The Apostolics of Canton. He is an ordained minister of the United Pentecostal Church International and currently serves the Ohio District of the UPCI as the Section 2 Presbyter. 

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