Big Idea

Worshipping the King of Glory involves recognizing His rights as the creator of all things. True worship places requirements on those who draw near and opens the doors of life for the triumphal and majestic entrance of the King.

Application / Reflection

  • How does the title “King of Glory” help us to understand the relationship between the Lord and His followers? What challenges does this bring to Americans who take pride in declaring their independence?
  • Worship calls us to “ascend to the hill of the Lord,” where we must examine our hearts and actions. How are you being called to mature in your thoughts, emotions and behaviors? What steps can you take to grow in these areas, even as you are receiving blessings and righteousness from God?
  • The King of Glory enters His city victorious over every foe. What does it look like for you to “lift up your head” and open the door of your heart for the King to come in? How does worship celebrate the King Jesus’ victory over every enemy in our world?

By Katelyn Farris

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