Big Idea

Like the Creator whose image they bear, people have power in their words. Wisdom from above reveals both the danger of unruly tongues and the solution to the problem. Disciples will constantly watch their mouths as they apply wisdom through right worship and through actively blessing others.

Application / Reflection

  • Write: Think about times when your mouth got you in trouble. How might those moments call you to worship differently? What strategies could you use to break the cycle of angry and bitter words? How might you replace them with words of blessing?
  • Pray: Reflect on a situation where you have felt devalued as a person. Pray for wisdom to change your perspective on that situation, so that you might seek God’s blessings even for those who curse you and despitefully use you.
  • Share: Right worship will always lead to right words and right actions. Discuss the relationship between corporate worship and the ability to bless others. How does personal daily worship complement corporate worship in cultivating wisdom from above in a disciple’s life?

By Jeff Emery

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