Two Sunday Morning Services

2017 Vision Casting

North Cities is an exciting, growing church that serves the North Cities region of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. On April 16, 2017 we will begin offering two Sunday morning worship services: 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM.

The North Cities Vision

North Cities exists to build disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this by focusing on three connections every disciple makes: the connection to God, to Others, and to His Purpose. As we worship, develop relationships, and train for service, people grow and the Kingdom of God expands.

North Cities doesn’t exist primarily to build buildings; we exist to build people. As we build people, and as our ministries grow, our need for space and facilities follows. For many years now, we’ve been growing and expanding, creating new spaces where we connect people to God, to Others, and to Purpose.

Where We’ve Been

Almost a decade ago, we embarked on our most extensive expansion project so far. It started with developing a Master Plan for the development of our campus. Then, based on that plan, we built and paid for our expanded parking lot. We then started work on our current project, beginning with architectural design and construction drawings, and then receiving proposals, securing financing, ensuring we were building as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Actual construction on the space we currently occupy began in April 2014 and finished in February 2016. As we’ve made our way through the process, we’ve worked hard to plan strategically, but at the same time remain flexible and make adjustments in response to the growth and needs of our ministries. We’ve also endeavored to keep costs down, to pay outright for as much as we can, and to minimize the amount of money we borrow, so we can maximize the amount of resources focused on ministry.

Two Services | Mid-Course Adjustment

It is in that spirit  we made the decision to move our worship services into Room 102 right at seven months ago. We realized that for a relatively small investment, we could create space for  150 more people to attend our worship services than could fit in the old sanctuary.  As this new worship space has reached capacity, our original plan for repurposing the old building may not make as much sense as it did a few years ago. The original plan was to expand the old sanctuary to the outer walls of the building, creating a larger primary worship space. The cost of this project, along with a remodel of the old fellowship hall into office space was projected at $1.3 million dollars. As we look at that plan now, however, it seems like a lot of money for only 100 more seats than we have currently in Room 102.

So, we are now looking at making a mid-course adjustment in the plan that would allow us to accommodate more people for both worship and fellowship, and do so at less than half the cost!

The new plan will still create the originally designed office space in the old Fellowship Hall. Rather than expanding the old sanctuary to the exterior walls, we will keep the same footprint, and simply remodel it into a multi-purpose space that can accommodate worship services and fellowship events.  

Also, on April 16, 2017 we will adjust our ministry programming and offer two Sunday morning worship services each week: one at 9:00 AM, and a second service at 11:00 AM. North Cities Kids will be available for both service times.


This new plan provides a way for us to accommodate more worshippers, involve more people in ministry, provide expanded space for fellowship and training events – and all for significantly less money, and without immediately embarking on a new construction project.

We believe we can do this for $500,000 (rather than the $1.3 million originally projected). We also believe we can raise this money, and pay for the project outright – avoiding any additional debt.

How to Be Involved

Pray – that the Lord would give us all wisdom, favor, and grace to be good stewards of the resources He entrusts to us. That we continue to fulfill His purpose of making disciples and building His Kingdom.

Volunteer – to accommodate the growth, and conduct staggered Sunday morning services, we will need more people involved in serving. There will be opportunities to serve in every capacity: ushers, hosts, parking lot attendants, security services, worship ministries, children’s ministries, and more. If you are not currently volunteering somewhere, start the process of getting involved. There’s room for everyone to serve in some way as we Build North Cities.

Give – If you are not currently involved in giving to the Expansion Project, we invite you to join in the effort. We believe we can raise the funds for these next steps, and pay for this project outright. There are several ways that you can give:

  • In our regular offerings received in each worship service. Simply mark the offering envelope as Expansion Project.
  • Online at – Select the “Expansion Project” category.  
  • You can make a pledge to give either a one-time, monthly, or weekly amount. Visit the Information Desk and ask for a pledge card. Complete the card and give it to an usher, or put it in the drop-box in the Welcome Area, or the Church Office.

As we pray, serve, and give – we’re confident that our efforts will be blessed, and that we will continue to Build North Cities.

A Personal Challenge from Pastor John Hargrove

For nearly a decade we have witnessed around 100 people be baptized in the name of Jesus each year. In fact, we recently baptized 30 people in one service and seven people during the day from our Endtime Bible study. In our most recent semester of Foundations, an eight-week Apostolic discipleship course, we had nearly 100 graduate from Levels One and Two. North Cities facilitates many different endeavors each week that strengthen long-time believers, as well as others that are just beginning to connect with God.

It is promised that God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. We are living in an exciting hour and we do not need to lose focus on who we serve and what He has called us to do. Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19,

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

He gave us a commandment, not a request. Jesus is still commanding us to go, and just as the early church in the book of Acts changed their world, we are called to do the same. The key will be to take it one day at a time and set out each day with a made up mind that we are going to be intentional about connecting a life with the Kingdom of God. If you want to be dynamic in the Kingdom of God, find someone in 2017 and lead them to Jesus. May we all remember that we are not asked to go, but we are commended to go and reach the lost!

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