Updated Parking

Access Plan

Significant progress has been made on North Cities’ Expansion Project this week! The demolition and surface grading work is nearly complete. Work has begun on preparing the new fire lane and driveway, and as as result we have a new parking and access plan.

The Construction Zone has temporarily expanded, taking in the driveway around the back of the building. As such, we have designated the small north-west parking as a passengers drop-off area. Drivers can use the entrance by the front doors, then circle through the portico to drop off passengers before exiting back onto Beltline Road to enter the main parking lot at the Idlewood stop light entrance. Those not dropping off can simply use the Idlewood stop light entrance by the new sign in order to access the parking lot directly.

Parking attendants will be working again tomorrow to help everyone navigate around the construction zone. We will provide a shuttle service from the parking lot to the building, and a covered waiting area will be available at the pick-up spot. Those who prefer to walk can use the designated pedestrian lane that follows the sidewalk along the front of the building. For anyone needing additional assistance, the Parking Lot attendants and Guest Services team are available to serve.

We are excited about the progress being made on the Expansion Project! The new spaces we’re building will enable us to expand our reach and connect more people to God, others and purpose. Thank you for your continued support as we build North Cities.

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