Expansion Project: Building North Cities

Serving the North Cities of Dallas, TX

On Sunday evening, January 29th, North Cities presented the plans for the next phase of expansion.  The new building design is a collaborative effort of many talented people who brought their insight to the question of how to meet the facility needs of North Cities’ growing ministries.  The result is an amazingly efficient design that will increase each ministry’s capacity to connect people to God, to others, and to purpose.

North Cities has always been focused on ministry.  The vision is to connect people to God through worship, to others through fellowship, and to purpose through training.  This next phase of expansion creates the spaces that our ministries need in order to more effectively carry out their mission.  There is an enlarged sanctuary, a new multi-purpose fellowship area, gym, youth sanctuary, adult training room, and expanded children’s ministry space.  Each space is designed with the mission in mind.

The presentation was met with an overwhelming response of support from the members present.  As the choir sang, “No Limits,” members came to the front in worship and placed pledges of financial support on the altar.  A beautiful presence of the Lord filled the sanctuary as the congregation prayed, gave, and worshipped singing “Enlarge my Territory!”

In conjunction with the in-service presentation, North Cities also launched a new website:  build.northcities.org.  This site will offer information and updates on the project, as well as a place for secure on-line donations.

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