World Impact: Seoul, South Korea

Christian Church in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is the world’s second largest metropolitan area, with a population of over 25 million.  The city was established as the capital of Korea nearly 2,000 years ago, and today houses over half of the nation’s population.  Seoul is an economic, political and cultural powerhouse, having recently been ranked among the top 10 global cities.  Seoul has everything… except a United Pentecostal Church.  That is, until now.

Last summer, Pastor D. G. Hargrove travelled to South Korea on mission, and was struck with a burden to see a church planted in this major metropolitan area.  That burden led North Cities to invest in the work, and as a result, the Guro Central United Pentecostal Church is now open and conducting services in the city!

Missionary E. J. Kim writes,

Today, we had our opening service for Guro Central UPC in Seoul.  Most of our district pastors and ministers attended.  Pastor Man Bok Ko preached … [The] service was wonderful … and we were blessed by His presence and the words of God.

We thank you, North Cities UPC for your sacrificial giving.  We give special thanks to Pastor Hargrove for making possible this miracle.  Most of all, WE THANK GOD for this special blessing added to the work in South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea now has a United Pentecostal Church, where the life-changing message of the New Birth is preached.  Through the faithful support and prayers of its members, North Cities is impacting the world.

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