The Power to Change

Jesus uses the term “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Kingdom of God” interchangeably when teaching about the Kingdom. Where is the Kingdom? Jesus says it is neither “here nor there.” The Kingdom is within you (Luke 17:21). Since the Kingdom is in us, He gives us the power to change. How do we make change happen?

By Bishop D.G. Hargrove

Text: Matthew 13:31-33; Acts 17:5-6

Let’s examine the two parables: one parable speaks of a man who plants mustard seeds and though the seeds are small, they grow to be the greatest among herbs and becomes trees for birds to have refuge (Matt. 13:31-32). The other parable is about a woman who uses a small amount of leaven to leaven three measures of meal (Matt. 13:33).

In Acts we see a handful of men, the men of Jason, turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6).The men of Jason influenced others. Likewise, our lives influence others. Yeast is leaven and leaven is influence. We influence people through the power of the gospel. The gospel has the power to change mankind because the Word of God is transforming. Think of us as the yeast and the world as the dough.

Here are some properties of yeast:

  1. Yeast is less than dough.
  2. Yeast looks small and helpless.
  3. Yeast can never become dough.
  4. Yeast grows under pressure of heat.

We must:

  • Not act or talk like the world.
  • Stand for what is right without conforming.
  • Live without fearing rejection or approval.

A place where we can be a catalyst for change is at our jobs — Our workplaces need godly influences, but it will not be easy. Just as yeast grows when heated, some of our greatest moments are when we stand on our faith during difficult times. Trust God.

In conclusion, yeast is only activated when it goes into dough. The Church has no influence until it helps others by leading, discipling, giving, serving, and ministering. We can change the world!

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