A Turning Point

By Bishop D.G. Hargrove

Text: I Samuel 3:1-11

Mothers have a tremendous amount of influence over their children. Hannah had a healthy discontent in the fact that she had no children. She cried out to the Lord and said, “God, if you give me a son, I will give him back to you” (I Sam 1:27-28). Sometimes mothers have to give their children over to the Lord after they have done all they can. Hannah gave Samuel to the Lord because Samuel was a present answer to a future need.
The setting for this passage is against the backdrop of spiritual decay. Eli’s lamp was growing dim—this represented spiritual darkness because he and his sons, Hophni and Phinehas, had sinned against the Lord (I Sam. 3:3; I Sam. 2:12). Out of the rubble arose Samuel. Hannah’s discontent gave rise to the turning point for Israel. Turning points are a shift or a change in our lives that we can sense. Like Hannah, our discontent can be the reason God acts on our behalf.

Young Samuel literally heard the voice of God calling him (I Sam. 3:4-11). We may not literally hear the voice of God calling us, but God has called us and no man can pluck us out of His hand. The enemy sometimes talks us out of what God has given us. Do not allow the enemy to talk you out of the change or restoration that has taken place in you. Samuel was instrumental in defeating the Philistines and in the restoration of Israel.

It was not God’s plan for Israel to have a king. Samuel was entering a turning point that was by the choice of man, yet blessed by God. Still, God blessed Israel’s decision. If we see a mistake, we must keep our eyes on Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Samuel kept his eyes on the Lord instead of on Hophni and Phinehas.

God is providing a turning point for North Cities. We must remember:

  • Commitment can turn our desires into reality.
  • Sometimes humans can make bad choices. God is not limited by our present culture, environment, or leadership.
  • We have one leader, the One True Lord.
  • God can do good things in bad times.

When it is all said and done, we need to look to the Word. Our direction is set by the Word of God. This is not a time to drift, to become lax, or move away because sometimes we can drift and not realize it. If you are drifting, it is time for a turning point. Call on God and tell Him you want to change. You need to turn around.

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