Of all the lepers in the land during the time of Elisha, only one man found the opportunity for saving power of being healed of leprosy (Luke 4:27). Namaan, a Syrian captain, a conqueror, and a leader among the people became a castaway because he was a leper.

By Bishop D. G. Hargrove  

Text: Luke 4:27; II Kings 5:1-14

An Israelite woman, a maid in his household, told Namaan’s wife about Elisha, the prophet. No one knows the Israelite lady’s name. What matters is that she did what she was supposed to do.  Unacknowledged people play a very significant part in God’s kingdom. Their reward is not here on earth, it’s in heaven.  There are people speaking into our lives yet we are looking for titles and status.  Do not discount the messenger.  Moreover, God is speaking to us more than we are listening.  We need to get quiet and live in the company of God’s presence.

To get where God wants us to be, we must develop a desire, a hunger, a sensitivity to do His will.  Sometimes, discomfort causes the desire or sensitivity to occur.  We must be willing to be uncomfortable because discomfort gives us the lens to see opportunity.  Namaan was uncomfortable and had a desire to change.

Usually what God is looking to do in our lives does not look like what we think it should.  Namaan had questions and doubts.  He thought the person, the procedure, the price and the place were all wrong. Namaan thought the person was wrong because the person who came out to give him the word was a servant and not Elisha.  He thought the procedure was wrong because Elisha did not come out and heal him on the spot.  Namaan thought the price was wrong because he had to dip in the Jordan River rather than pay the gold, silver, and clothing he had brought.  He even thought the place was the wrong because there were better places to be healed.

We must stop trying to figure out what God is trying to tell us and just follow His instructions.  Had Namaan not taken action and followed exact instructions, He would not have been healed.

What is coming to this house, this church, may not look the way we think it should look.  There is a revival coming.

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