Purpose Institute Class of 2012

Discipleship Training in the Dallas Area

Nearly six years ago, North Cities opened its Purpose Institute campus.  Purpose Institute is a ministry training program which now has 86 local campuses in 27 U.S. States and 10 other nations of the world.  Since the campus launched in the Spring of 2007, nearly 150 students have received ministerial training at North Cities.

Last year, eight of those students successfully completed all the requirements of the program, and as such graduated with a Bachelor’s Diploma in Ministerial Studies.  This year, North Cities honored nine additional graduates:  four who received an Associates Diploma, and five who received a Bachelor’s Diploma.

North Cities congratulates the Purpose Institute graduates for their dedication to the process.  Leaders are learners – and these graduates have spent hundreds of hours in class; have read thousands of pages; have written thousands of words; and have applied the lessons learned in real-world ministerial and leadership service… all in an effort to allow the Lord to shape and mold them into vessels of honor that can be effective in the service of the Kingdom.

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