Strengthening Marriage Relationships

I Still Do Conference

On a scale of 1 to 10, if you were to rate your marriage, what would your score be?

A few would smile in their spouse’s direction while confidently answering “10”. Others may respond with a similarly high number, but if they were honest, a “2” or “3” is their true reality. Perhaps you and your spouse live in one of these extremes. However, most of us can humorously relate to one couple’s quick response: “It depends on the day!”

Consider these questions as you reflect on your marriage: Is a “10” actually possible? Is a “6” good enough? Is a “1” repairable (or even worth repairing)?

Despite appearances, even those couples with strong marriages still have work to do. Dangers to this sacred union are often undetected, but can wage war on your marriage at any point, things like: placing your marriage on autopilot, setting other priorities above the relationship, or encountering the backbreaking winds of tragedy, financial challenges, and serious illness. Such storms have challenged even the strongest of marriages. And beyond the challenges, a marriage without intentional focus is a marriage destined to miss God’s design for what it can become.

Scripture cries out in response to us: “rejoice in hope!” If you desire a stronger marriage, there is always hope. It is not in what you (or your spouse) can do, but what God can do when you accept His hope.

No matter where your marriage is today, the first step is clear: building a Christ-centered marriage upon a Christ-centered personal relationship. North Cities is excited to offer two unique programs designed to strengthen any marriage:

I Still Do Simulcast at North Cities

“I Still Do” Conference – This is a powerful, instructive simulcast where couples can invest in and strengthen their marriage. By exploring God’s design, couples will reaffirm that their marriage matters – to each other, their children, and their vast network of relationships. Join us on Saturday, October 17th, for a live simulcast, marriage-strengthening event.


Financial Peace UniversityFinancial Peace University – A primary reason why couples clash in their marriage is due to money. How can we be good stewards of God’s provision and blessings? Join us for Financial Peace University, a nine week course beginning Tuesday, September 22nd at 7:00 PM. This is a proven method of getting out of debt and strengthening your marriage.

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